Asturi Italian Amaretti Cookies

Asturi Italian Amaretti Cookies
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Asturi Sweet Collection Italian Amaretti Cookies

The Sophisticated Italian Cookie Snacks Our All Natural, Bakes Asturi Amaretti Italian Cookies follow an 18th century Renaissance recipe first bakes in Venice, Italy. They are the original Italian macaroons. Today you may enjoy these sophisticated, wonderfully light and crunchy cookies with your coffee, favorite wine, after dinner cordial, or best of all by themselves as the ultimate Italian treat. In Italy we also use our Amaretti cookies to crumble over gelatos, ice creams, and desserts. We have heard from some of our most loyal consumes how they crumble them in their morning yogurt, mix them with their favorite berries and even crumble them over their salads for that sophisticated touch. However you decide to enjoy them, remember they are all natural, baked, with no artificial flavors or preservatives and are free of GMO's.

Ingredients: Sugar, Apricot Kernels, Egg White, Milk Sugar and Proteins, Rising Agent, Natural Flavor