PAST EVENT: Hong Kong Tea Experience 10/16/15 Fri 7:30pm

PAST EVENT: Hong Kong Tea Experience 10/16/15 Fri 7:30pm
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Come and learn about Hong Kong tea drinking style, food, history and socio-cultural aspects.

Our guest speaker Tess Martin-Wong has a background in East Asian Studies with an emphasis on Chinese and Japanese history. She has also has some knowledge of Japanese, Korean and Mandarin languages. Her passport gives evidence of her love for Asia with stamps and visas from Japan, South Korea, Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. She is married to Hong Kong native John and they both visit his family there on the regular basis.

Tess will present two special Oolong teas that she brought from her recent trip to Hong Kong quite different in their taste!

She will also demonstrate special way of steeping and serving of these teas.

Each participant will have a chance to sample these teas, along with delicious Egg Tarts classic Portuguese pastry often served at Hong Kong homes and restaurants.

Event Place: Margaret's Fine Imports
5872 Forbes Ave., Pittsburgh (Squirrel Hill)

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