Japanese Tea Ceremony and Workshop By Tea Master Yuko Eguchi

PAST EVENT: Japanese Tea Ceremony Sun Nov 3/2019, Sunday 6 - 8pm.<br>SOLD OUT
PAST EVENT: Japanese Tea Ceremony Sun Nov 3/2019, Sunday 6 - 8pm.
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Attend a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony performed by tea master Yuko Eguchi.

Tea ceremony, or Chado (The Way of Tea), is a traditional Japanese art involving the ritualistic preparation of tea. Influenced by the philosophy of Zen Buddhism, the core teaching of chado is to attain a spiritual state of selflessness and peacefulness through making and sharing tea while maintaining harmony and balance with nature. Join us to learn about the Japanese tea ceremony through tasting tea and sweets.

Yuko Eguchi is a native of Tokyo, Japan and holds a Ph.D. in ethnomusicology from the University of Pittsburgh. She received her tea master title and name, Soyu, in 2009 and the associate professor of tea title in 2013, certified by the head master of the Urasenke school. Yuko currently teaches at Pitt and has performed and lectured on Japanese traditional arts at various higher institutions. Visit her website:

During the event Yuko will also provide a brief Japanese Tea Ceremony tutorial.

After the performance Japanese tea & sweets will be served and participants will practice making Matcha in a bowl with a Chasen (bamboo whisk).