Tea Wallet, Jack, 6 + 4 compartments, USA

Tea Wallet, Jack, 6 + 4 compartments, USA
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Tea Wallet to carry teabags or filled T-sacs. Six compartments for tea, and four for sweetners.

Take the best tea with you in this elegant and compact carrying case!

Photo shows tea wallet holding a T-sac (#2 size) filled with loose leaf tea, a conventional tea bag, and a packet of sweetner.

The loose leaf tea filled T-sac folds over twice and slips into the wallet compartment. The tea is held securely, and the wallet snaps together securely - so no spilled tea!

No need to endure mediocre tea again -- take all your favorite teas with you.

Six compartments for T-sacs or tea bags -- fold, snap, and carry your premium tea neatly with you.