PAST EVENT: Winter Tea Fest Activites - March 2016

Pittsburgh Winter Tea Fest at Margaret's Fine Imports

March 3 (Thu) 10am-11am
Health Benefits & Dieting with Tea and Herbs Lecture.

What are the best teas for detox & weight loss? How to sleep better? Learn about all the goodness of tea and various herbs. Over 500 teas in stock! This event is Free but registration is required please call 412-422-1606 to reserve your spot.

March 4 (Fri) 7pm- 8:30
Matcha Workshop

Discover wonders of Matcha powdered green tea. Japanese way vs. Western way of Matcha preparation. Health benefits. Drinking and cooking recipes. Click here or on the bottom of this page to purchase. The workshop is $10.00.

March 5 (Sat) 12-6pm
Chai Day

Come and taste Cochin Masala Chai, Chocolate Chai, Mango Chai, Chai Fire and more. Taste some great Indian sweets & share Chai recipes. This event is Free.

March 6 (Sun) 6pm-8pm
Tea Class and Tea Tasting

Learn about your favorite beverage and have some good time with other Tea Aficionados! Covered topics will include: History, Types of Tea, Steeping Techniques, Storing Tea, History, Health Benefits of Tea, Tea & Dieting & more... After class several samples of tea, along with European biscuits will be served. Click here or on the bottom of this page to purchase. The Tea Class is $10.00.

March 4th,5th and 6th (Fri-Sun)
Winter Tea Fest Blend

Our Winter Tea Fest special blend of tea will be 20% off during the entire Winter Tea Fest.

March 4th,5th and 6th (Fri-Sun)
20% Off All British Teas

20% off all British teas during the entire Winter Tea Fest.

Click here for the Winter Tea Fest Schedule.

Click here for the Pittsburgh Tea Association, Tea Happenings, Event Calendar.