Blood Orange Iced Tea 5 Pouches

Blood Orange Iced Tea 5 Pouches
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Blood Orange Iced Tea 5 Pouches
Premium herbal tea in cold-brew pouches. Simply place overnight in a pitcher of water. Awake to find a tea rich in flavor and aroma, at a price that's a fraction of the supermarket-bought teas. For hot preparation, steep in hot water for five minutes and add ice. It contains an herbal mixture of blood orange peels, hibiscus flowers, and rose hips. Naturally caffeine-free, perfect any time of day. Each pouch makes 32 ounces or one quart.

Herbal Tea | No caffeine | Quart of water and refrigerate overnight.

Blended With Orange, Hibiscus, Rose Hips & Natural Orange Flavor

More Information:
Blood oranges are a variant of oranges known for their red, blood-colored flesh. They come in three main varieties. Moro blood oranges have a redder skin and flesh. Tarocco blood oranges have a sweeter flavor. Sanguinello blood oranges are similar to Moro blood oranges, but with a streakier color and fewer seeds. In the US, blood orange has become a popular flavor for anything from adult beverages to sno-cones and is frequently available as a flavored syrup. They are commonly grown both in Italy and the US.