Citrus Mate Iced Tea 5 Pouches

Citrus Mate Iced Tea 5 Pouches
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Citrus Mate Iced Tea 5 Pouches
Energizing Argentine Yerba Mate blended with the refreshing taste of citrus fruits. Enjoyed hot or iced it is sure to please mate fans with its lively character and renew your zest for life. Please note that all Mate varieties contain caffeine; we would not suggest it as a nightcap. For hot preparation, steep in hot water 212 Degrees Fahrenheit for six minutes and add ice. Each pouch makes 32 ounces or 1 quart.

Herbal Tea | High caffeine | Quart of water and refrigerate overnight.

Blended With Yerba Mate Tea, Orange, Natural Lemon Flavor, Natural Orange Flavor & Marigold Flowers

More Information:
Citrus fruits include any number of fruits with rinds, segmented flesh, and strongly scented skin, such as lemons, limes, bergamot, pomelo, oranges, kumquats, and more. Depending on the variety, the flesh and rind may or may not be edible, while others are more valued for the zest or oils of their skins. Citrus flavors range from sweet to tart, and the shapes are generally circular or oblong (with rare exceptions like the multi-pronged Buddha’s hand citron). In cooking they are valued for their ability to add tartness, sweetness, or brightness, the latter of which is showcased here. Citrus Mate's so bright (you gotta wear shades).