Easter Eggs Coloring Teas Set

Easter Eggs Coloring Teas Set
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This is a set of 7 teas/herbs for Easter Eggs coloring 1oz each
Dark black tea Pu-Erh
Turmeric powder
Rooibos (red tea)
Calendula Flower
Butterfly Blue Pea Flower
Rose Petals

Instructions for the first 6 teas Steep each whole 1 oz. of tea in 1 cup of hot water in the infuser, remove the tea, let it cool till just warm, add 1 teaspoon of vinegar, place egg inside for 5-10 min or longer.

Instructions for Blue Pea Flower Tea
Divide petals tea into 2 equal portions and steep each separately. Add few drops of lemon juice to one of them. It will turn pink, so you will have two different colors to dye eggs with.
You can also combine left over blue color liquid with turmeric brew to obtain greenish color.
You can also mix all the other brews in various ways to experiment with various colors. Have fun!

The eggs are removed at 49:50.