New Teas Coming Soon (already in the store):
Apricot brandy 4.50 2oz
Caramel vanilla candy 4.50 2oz
Cranberry flavored tea 4.50 2oz
Juicy fruit 4.50 2oz
Purple citrus 5.99 2oz
Rooibos root beer 4.50 2oz
Summer eye candy 5.99 2oz
Organic Almond Green Tea 4.99 2oz
Organic blueberry $4.99/2oz
Organic caramel tea $4.99/2oz
Organic ceylon $4.99/2oz
Organic chocolate $4.99/2oz
Organic cherry tea $4.99/2oz
Organic coconut $4.99/2oz
Organic mango green tea $4.99/2oz
Organic pu-erh $4.99/2oz
Organic peach tea $4.99/2oz
Organic Raspberry Tea $4.99/2oz
Organic vanilla tea $4.99/2oz
and Organic pai mu tan- $6.99/2oz $12.99/4oz $23.99/8oz