Organic Victorias Peak Darjeeling SFTGFOP, Loose Leaf Tea
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Organic Black Tea Darjeeling SFTGFOP1 Victoria´s Peak

Victoria’s Peak is a “top quality” section of the Steinthal tea plantation.
Only selected shrubs are planted and grown in this small area.
Honor to whom honor is due: this garden was named after Queen Victoria. You can enjoy a spectacular view of the Victoria Waterfall and the adjacent Victoria Park from this garden. Year after year only small, excellent batches are produced and placed on the market. We are happy to offer you one of these lots, the first organic picking EX 1/16:

Leaf: opal-green, slightly curly/twisted, with silvery Tips

Infused leaf: scented, moss green, clear leaf structure

Cup: bright, brass colored

Taste: brisk, elegant, with a mild sweetness in the aftertaste

Brew 3 minutes at 212 F water temperature 2 tsp./1 mug(12oz) - Second brewing 4 minutes at 212 F water temperature 2 tsp./1 mug(12oz)