ToasTea Tea Infuser Tumbler
Stainless Steel
Keeps tea hot for up to 8 hours!
color green

ToasTea Tea Infuser Tumbler<br>Stainless Steel<br>Keeps tea hot for up to 8 hours!<br>color green
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Enjoy more tea on the go with this great 17oz travel infuser mug by Adagio*.
Its stainless steel construction will keep your tea hot (or cool, if you prefer) for hours, and you may open its spring-loaded lid with just one hand, keeping the other one safely on the steering wheel.

To use, fill with water and place leaves inside a removable stainless steel infuser, then flip the unit upside-down for a thorough, flavorful infusion. Once infused, flip the mug again to separate spent leaves from water and prevent your tea from turning bitter.

Travel far and wide with good, freshly-brewed tea. Fits all car cup holders.
You are gonna love this Tea-on-the-Go gadget!