Yoga Tea Ayurvedic Blend, Loose Leaf Tea
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Yoga tea is the classic among the Ayurvedic tea varieties. In our blend you will find stinging nettle leaves in addition to the classical, spicy ingredients. This is a vitalizing warm drink on cold days and pleasant at any time.

Classical preparation:
Boil 0.4 oz Yoga Tea in approx. 34 fl. oz. of water for about 30 minutes , filter it and add 8.5 fl. oz. milk. It can be sweetened with honey, if you like.

Preparation with black tea:
Boil 0. 4 oz Yoga Tea in approx. 34 fl. oz. water for about 30 minutes. Add 0.2 oz black tea and let infuse for another 3-5 minutes. Filter and add milk and if you like, sweeten to taste.

Ingredients: Cinnamon Ginger, Stinging Nettles, Cloves, Sweet Blackberry Leaves, Cardamon, White Peppercorns.

To quickly make a cup: Steep 5-10 minutes 176 degrees 1-2 level tsp./ 6 oz serving