Around the World in 12 Coffees Gift Set

Around the World in 12 Coffees Gift Set
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Coffee Masters invites you to explore the treasures of our cupping adventures with their Around the World gift.
A worldwide tour of twelve of the finest Arabica coffees packaged in freshly ground, pre-measured Perfect Potful packets:
Brazil Santos
Colombian Supremo
Costa Rican Tarrazu
Ethiopian Harrar
Guatemalan Antigua
Kenya AA
Mexican Altura
Papua New Guinea
Sumatra Mandheling
Tanzanian Kilimanjaro Peaberry

Features This is the largest varietal coffee assortment available! The Perfect Potfuls® in this gift are freshly ground and pre-measured to make the perfect pot (8-10 cups) of delicious gourmet coffee. Conveniently packaged in stay-fresh, nitrogen-flushed foil packages. Box dimensions: 8"W x 1-3/4"D x 10-1/8"H. Packed 12 per case.