Coconut Black Tea, Loose Leaf Tea
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Coconut Tea, loose leaf tea

Ingredients: Black Tea, Natural Coconut Flavors, Dried Coconut

Great Hot or Iced

Few things can pull off sweet and savory quite like coconut. And few teas can play with other flavors quite as seamlessly as a classic Ceylon. In one cup, you'll get the dense, creamy texture of fresh coconut with the balanced brightness and tang of Ceylon black tea. This Coconut blend showcases a perfectly sweet, warm and aroma, as well as a soft finish. Such a well-blended flavor, it's like they never existed without each other.

Steep at 212 for 3 minutes.

The origin of coconut remains a mystery. However, many historian believe that the earliest coconuts grew in Malaysia and Indonesia. Its earliest written record appears in Sanskrit, revealing that the people of India were exposed to this fruit. Coconut images may also be found in pre-Columbian pottery unearthed in Peru. Marco Polo made a note of his encounter with the fruit when visiting India. He called it 'Pharoah's nut.' Other travelers were equally impressed. Coconuts feature prominently in the journals of Magellan and Francis Drake.