Matcha Making<br>Accessories
Steps for matcha making:
- Add Matcha to your bowl using 1 bamboo scoop for thin matcha(Usuchu) and 3 bamboo scoops for thick matcha( Koicha). (You can sift your matcha thru a strainer as you put it into the bowl to remove any lumps.)
- Add 185-degree water to the bowl. (You can add a little bit of water, stir into a paste and then add the rest of the water, to remove any lumps.)
- Hold the whisk in your dominant hand and the bowl in your non-dominant hand.
- Whisk in a "W" shape motion, up and down, as fast as you can until your matcha is foamy. Keeping the whisk close to the surface, because you don't want to damage its bristles on the bottom. Whisk with just your wrist, not your entire arm.