Mate Gourd

Mate Gourd
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This is a beautiful Mate Gourd (holds approx 5oz), used to drink traditional South American drink Yerba Mate.

The colors and patterns of the gourds vary.

How to Cure Your Yerba Mate Gourd

For your gourd to be ready for use, it needs to be cured. This helps prevent cracking, molding, and improves the flavor. You will notice that the longer you use your gourd, the better your Yerba mate will taste.

Fill the gourd half-way with Yerba Mate. Pour near hot (not boiling) water into the gourd until it is full. Warning: boiling water may crack your gourd. Let the gourd sit in for 12 hrs hours in room temperature, topping it off with water as the gourd absorbs it. Then pour out the contents of the gourd and rinse thoroughly in running water. Repeat the whole process once.

Scrape the fibers inside ( if any) gently with the spoon or bombilla after each use, eventually the inside will become smooth and dark ( this is normal due to oxidizing of the plant matter). Do not scrape out the knot in the center of the bottom! This will puncture your gourd through!

How to Clean:
Remove all yerba mate after use, rinse thoroughly with warm water, let it air-dry completely! This will prevent mold from forming and extend the life of your mate gourd. Well cared for gourd will be with you for years to come!