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Free Tea Classes

QuaranTEA – Live Tea Classes

by Margaret / Blue Monkey Tea Company – 2020 Pandemic

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Enjoy these free Tea Class recordings made during the Pittsburgh lock down in the Spring:

3/18 Black Tea /Why is Irish Breakfast tea so strong? Part A
3/18 Black Tea /Why is Irish Breakfast tea so strong? Part B
3/19 How to steep good tea - Gadgetology.
3/20 All about Matcha
3/21 Tea Rituals around the world.
3/22 Iced Tea Party!!
3/23 Darjeelings – Let’s travel to India!
3/24 Teas of Japan
3/25 Wonderful World of Oolongs
3/26 Health Benefits of Tea
3/27 Coffee Class…Yes! Lol
3/28 Let’s have High Tea!
3/29 Live Q & A Session – all TEA topics
3/30 Teas of Japan: Green, Black, Matcha
3/31 TEA 101 for Beginners: History, Types, Steeping, Benefits & more
4/1 Chocolate & Tea Pairing
4/2 Herbs – Common Uses
4/3 Yerba Mate – “Coffee Tea”
4/4 Caffeine and Tea: Facts & Myths
4/5 The Mystery of Pu-Erh Aged Teas ( I recommend reading book by Lisa See “The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane” prior to the session
4/6 Mon: Coloring Easter Eggs with Tea - Part A
4/6 Mon: Coloring Easter Eggs with Tea - Part B
4/7 Tue: 10 Shades of Earl Grey - Part A
4/7 Tue: 10 Shades of Earl Grey - Part B - Making a London Fog
4/8 Wed: Advanced Tea Class Part 1: Chemistry, Terroir and Processing
4/9 Thu: Advanced Tea Class Part 2: Tea Grading & Tea Tasting Workshop
4/10 Fri: Teas of Africa
4/11 Sat: The 20 Ways of Tea Making - Part A
4/11 Sat: The 20 Ways of Tea Making - Part B
4/12 Sun: Happy Easter – no program
4/13 Mon: Gong-Fu Tea Ceremony – Eastern Way of Tea Preparation
4/14 Tue: All About Iced Tea
4/15 Wed: British Teavasion – Teas, Biscuits, History, Addiction
4/16 Thu: White, Green & Blue Teas – Learn to Enjoy & Appreciate!
4/17 Fri: Chai Craze!
4/18 Sat: Matcha and Muffins – Drink & Eat Matcha Tea
4/20 Mon: History of Tea and Teapots
4/21 Tue: Tea on the Go
4/22 Wed: Tea Class for Children & Teens
4/23 Thu: Teabags – Invention, Famous Brands, Steeping Methods & More
4/24 Fri: Cooking with Tea
4/25 Sat: Tea Oscars – The Best & Most Popular Teas of the World!
4/27 Mon: Chocolate Class..yes indeed!
4/28 Tue: Tea Dictionary: A-M
4/29 Wed: Tea Dictionary: N-Z
4/30 Thu: Yerba Mate & Other Energy Teas
5/1 Fri: Teas from Unusual Places of the World
5/2 Sat: Tea Blending Class
5/4 Mon: Focus: Black Teas – India, China, Africa
5/5 Tue: Focus: Green Teas – China & Japan
5/6 Wed: Tea Traditions: Eastern Europe, Russia, Morocco and Middle East
5/7 Thu: Teas for Sleep, Relaxation and Happiness!
5/8 Fri: Dieting with Tea
5/9 Sat: Books About Tea: Fiction and Non-Fiction
5/11 Mon: The 50th Tea Class: Tea Everything, Q & A, Contest and More!

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