[This is still being worked on!]

Oolong tea oxidation percentages.
Tea Type Oxidation Notes
GreenTea 1-5%
Baozhong/Pouchong Oolong 8 to 12% Called light oolong, almost a green tea
Se Chung Oolong ?8 to 14? less than Ti Kuan Yin, [But is it less than pouchong?]
Raw Pu-erh 10%
White Tea 11-15%
Oolong Tea 10% to 80%
Jade Tie Kuan Yin / Iron Goddess of Mercy 15% Tie Kuan Yin
Slimming Oolong 15% Ti Kuan Yin
Blue Spring Oolong 15% Made with Tie Kuan Yin
Quangzhou Milk Oolong 20-30%
Yellow Tea 40% or 9% which is it? Yellow tea is a special case of oxidation
Da Hong Pao / Big Red Robe Oolong 40%
Dragon Phoenix 45%
Formosa Oolong 60% to 75%
White Tip Oolong 70% heavily oxidized
Ripe Pu-erh 90%
Black Tea 90% to 100%

These numbers are averages and examples that are different are easy to find. Blue Spring Oolong is made with Tie Kuan Yin/Tieguanyin Oolong and there are many types of that Oolong with different oxidation levels. Oxidation ends when the tea leaves are heated or steamed. The longer a tea oxidizes the less "grassy" it tastes.

New sheng pu’er 15%
Guangdong Oolongs 25-50%
South Fujian Oolongs 30-50%
Taiwan Oolongs 15-80%
North Fujian Oolongs 60-80%
Mature sheng pu’er 90%
Shu pu’er 100%