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Purple Papayaberry tea is an amethyst infusion of fruity deliciousness. Served hot, it is a comforting cup of purple bliss. Served iced, it is as refreshing as getting caught in a papaya and blackberry rainstorm on a hot summer day. Purple rain!

Ingredients & Lore
Blended With Hibiscus, Butterfly Pea Flower, Apple Pieces, Rose Hips, Orange, Papaya Flavor, Blueberries, Strawberries & Natural Blackberry Flavor

The papaya (Carica papaya L) has eight known cultivars, but Mexican and Hawaiian are the most popular. Hawaiian papaya is pear shaped and small, and the Mexican papaya weighs up to 10 pounds, and has a milder flavor. The black seeds in each taste like pepper. The papain in this fruit aids digestion but the magic is in the taste.

Herbal Tea | No caffeine

To make add 4 teaspoons of Purple Papayaberry to a quart(4 cups) container of water and refrigerate overnight.

To make hot Purple Papayaberry use 1 teaspoon per cup of 212 degree Fahrenheit water and steep for 6 minuets.