Stash Earl Grey Black Tea 20 bags

Stash Earl Grey Black Tea 20 bags
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Premium black teas scented with oil of bergamot. Smooth and aromatic.

One of Stash's most popular teas is Earl Grey, a black tea scented with bergamot, an oil extracted from a pear-shaped Mediterranean citrus about the size of an orange.
Story has it that in 1830 Englishman Charles Earl Grey (the second Earl Grey, 1764-1845) was on a diplomatic mission to China, when a mandarin presented him with the recipe for making this distinctive tea. Now it is the most famous scented tea in the Western world. Earl Grey brews up a beautiful amber cup with a distinctive flavor and lightly fragrant aroma.

The tea leaves in Earl Grey are usually a blend of Chinese black or Indian Darjeeling teas. Stash uses superior grades of Ceylon black tea from Sri Lanka and black teas from China for this Earl Grey. They strive for a distinctive tea flavor that is not overwhelmed by the pungent citrus, and they use only 100% pure bergamot oil, not a mixture.

While other citrus fruits are grown in many countries, bergamot is cultivated exclusively in a narrow strip of coastal land in the Reggio Calabria province of Southern Italy. Bergamot or Citrus Bergamia Risso, also called the "prince's pear", is inedible, but its precious and fragrant oil is an ingredient in both perfume and food products.

Bergamot is hand-picked in winter when the fruit is not quite ripe. The bergamot essence is extracted by a cold-pressed method using special "peeling" machines. The fragrant cold-pressed oil is then stored in special containers for a year or longer before sale.

Stash Earl Grey is a versatile tea, at its best in the afternoon or after dinner. Delicious and flavorful plain, Stash Earl Grey also may be served with sugar and milk. Plus it makes a wonderful, refreshing iced tea.