Stash English Breakfast Decaffeinated Tea 18 Bags

Stash English Breakfast Decaffeinated Tea 18 Bags
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For Stash decaffeinated teas, they use an advanced, completely natural European process. This process removes 99.5% of the caffeine leaving the tea leaves with all the flavor, color and aroma you expect from Stash premium black teas.

100% natural ingredients: naturally decaffeinated black teas.

By the 1700s tea at breakfast was part of the English lifestyle, having replaced the customary practice of drinking ale with breakfast!

The prototype for English Breakfast was developed over a hundred years ago by the Scottish Tea Master Drysdale, in Edinburgh. Marketed simply as "Breakfast Tea", it became popular in England due to the craze Queen Victoria created for all things Scottish (the summer home of Victoria and Albert was the Highland castle at Balmoral). Tea shops in London, however, changed the name and sold it as "English Breakfast Tea". English Breakfast has become a favorite of tea drinkers worldwide and is the tea most often enjoyed during English High Tea. It is a blend of fine black, full bodied teas.

For Stash decaffeinated English Breakfast Stash began with a robust Nilgiri black tea from the Blue Mountains of south India. The tea is grown at an altitude of 6,000 to 7,000 feet, thus greatly enhancing its flavor. It is then decaffeinated using only pure spring water. The health benefits are left almost untouched during this process and the flavor is far superior to most decaffeinated teas. The result is a distinctive, strong, rich tea. It may be enjoyed with milk or lemon (but not in combination, the lemon would curdle the milk). It also makes an exceptional iced tea. This flavorful tea is perfect to drink anytime of the day.