Stash Peach Black Tea 20 bags

Stash Peach Black Tea 20 bags
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Choice black teas blended with natural peach flavors for fragrant aroma and a delicately sweet, juicy taste.

Peach trees grow in temperate climates and their fruit is small, delicately sweet and velvety. Wild peach trees still grow in China, their original home, and for Chinese poets and artists the peach is a symbol of immortality. Many centuries ago cultivation spread westward from China to Kashmir and Persia. The peach tree flourished so well in Persia that it came to be regarded as a native fruit, hence the name "Prunus persica." From Persia it spread to Greece, Rome and then to Spain. The Spaniards first brought the peach to America in the 16th century. During the 20th century, American growers, especially in California, have done the most to shape the world production of the peach.

The process of developing superior strains has been taking place for at least 2000 years. The two peach varieties - the clingstone and the freestone, are distinguished by how easily the fruit is removed from the pit. The fruit should be ripened on the tree for peak flavor. A freshly picked ripe peach is sweet, soft and juicy.

Stash blends fine black teas with the natural flavor of fresh, ripe peaches for a rich, smooth tea with a very fragrant, enticing aroma and a juicy, slightly sweet flavor. Our Peach tea is wonderful any time of the day but makes an especially fine dessert drink with a touch of sugar.