Tea Class Reviews


Beyond My Expectations
I purchased a Groupon for a tea class, thinking it would be “something to do” on a Sunday night. Who knew that my “something to do” would turn into a life changing experience? The Level 2 class on January 15th was beyond my expectations.

As a teabag tea drinker, I was introduced to the real world of real tea. What an eye opener. The class was so very informative, and I enjoyed immensely learning about the steps of tasting. I learned the style of tea that I liked, as well as what wasn’t my “cup of tea.” I learned about temperature, and length of time to steep. In short, I learned a ritual that would add immense enjoyment to my day. Thank you so much for making the event so memorable.

Please send my compliments and warmest appreciation to the young ladies who facilitated the class. (I am embarrassed to admit that I do not remember their names.) Due to a scheduling glitch, the evening was oversold. The girls seamlessly and gracefully arranged the seating so that everyone was able to see and hear. What could have been a disruptive mess turned into a delightful and inclusive evening.

I cannot wait to come back and purchase my next supply of wonderful tea. REAL tea.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I will be a customer for life.