Tea Mythology - Legend of Pu-Erh
with Johnny Shieh
Carnegie Store
Fri April 6th at 7pm

Tea Mythology - Legend of Pu-Erh<br>with Johnny Shieh<br>Carnegie Store<br>Fri April 6th at 7pm
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Learn about this unique type of tea from Yunnan China. Pu-Erh is compared to wine, as through the special aging process in the cellar, it gains particular smooth, one of a kind flavor. The older the Pu-Erh tea the more prized it becomes! Johnny Shieh from www.teanami.com, will be our special guest speaker for this event. He grew up in Taiwan among the fields of tea. He is an expert (and lover!) of Pu Erh tea!
The following samples of Pu-Erh will be served.

1. 2016 Sheng Pu Erh
2. Mo Hei Pu Erh (2008)
3. Palace Pu Erh (2005)

Specialty Pu Erhs
4. Moon Light White
5. Purple Tea