PAST EVENT: Unique Teas of China: LIVE Virtual Tea Class for Connoisseurs<br>Sat May 29 2021 at 5:30 pm<br>Limited Number of Tea Tasting Kits available for pre-order
This is a very special class for tea connoisseurs.
We will be tasting and talking about six unique teas from China!
You may purchase samplers of these teas - only 10 sets available!

Haiwan Mini Brick Ripe Pu-Erh
Wild Tree Purple "Sweet Ya Bao" White Tea
Tai Ping Hou Kui Green Tea from Anhui
Anxi "Hairy Crab" Mao Xie Fujian Oolong
Funding "Three Treasure" White Tea in Tangerine with Rice Stalk
Sticky Rice Scent Pu-Erh Mini Tuo Cha - Nuo Mi Xiang