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Winter solstice, also called midwinter or Yuletide, symbolizes hope: it marks the longest night of the year after which the days slowly become longer! The period of the zodiac signs of Capricornia to Gemini. However, since the four elements of the twelve astrological zodiac signs (air, earth, fire, water) comprise the second half of the year, we are certain that the warm flavors of caramelized pomegranate combined with wintry spices are also a real indulgence for the signs of Cancer to Sagittarius!

Ingredients: apple pieces, orange peel, hibiscus blossoms, blackberry leaves, almonds, carrot shreds, star aniseed, cinnamon, flavoring, silver linden blossoms, freeze-dried cranberry slices, pomegranate ails, rose petals.

Steep for 8-10 minutes at 203-212 degrees Fahrenheit using 1-2 level tsp. for every 6 oz of water.